Patent Slip

Vancouver Shipyards Moves 457-Foot Ferry To Launching Position On Film Of Water

In February, shipbuilders and drill-rig manufacturers from several countries gathered at Vancouver Shipyards, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to watch a 7,000,000-pound ship transferred to launching position on a film of water 5/1000 of an inch thick.


Electric Propulsion for Coastal Ships

According to many specialists electric propulsion is the best to have but worst to buy, with the argument that the investment is too high and the system does not pay itself back. Therefore a challenge and an opportunity for development to prove otherwise.

American Abrasive Metals Announces New Non-Slip Roll-On Safety Coating

A new non-slip coating, proven in use by the U.S. Navy, is now available as original safety equipment for new or existing ships and offshore rigs, regardless of age. The safety coating is manufactured and marketed by American Abrasive Metals Co.

Jacksonville P.A. To Spend $25.5 Million To Expand Blount Island Facility

The Jacksonville Port Authority has budgeted nearly $34 million for capital improvement projects in the coming year, according to John R. Mackroth, Jacksonville Port Authority managing director. The planned expenditures are almost equally divided between the Marine and Aviation Divisions.

DeJong & Associates To Design New Tug Series For Corps Of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers Marine Design Center in Philadelphia has c o n t r a c t e d with the Jacksonville, Fla., naval architectural firm of Norman N. De- Jong & Associates, Inc. for the design of a new series of twinscrew tugs. DeJong specializes in tugboat designs.

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