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McDermott Light & Signal

Solving unique lighting challenges vertical line.

is a specialty of McDermott Light & So, the company went to the draw-

Signal, according to Vernon McDer- ing board and created a portable LED mott Sr., president of the Ridgewood, signal light kit that can be easily ar-

N.Y.-based company. “It’s why I come ranged in either con? guration for to work every day,” he said. mounting when required, then disas-

Not long ago, McDermott was pre- sembled and stored for convenience sented with a new challenge when it when not in use. was asked to develop an easy-to-use The solution is especially relevant and cost-ef? cient solution for U.S. for vessels engaged in towing or dredg-

Coast Guard rules that require vessels ing operations that restrict maneuver- not under command to exhibit two ability, McDermott said. “Operators all-round red lights in a vertical line that don’t comply with the rules can and vessels restricted in their ability to be hit with a big ? ne. This solution is maneuver to exhibit three all-round something I think a lot of people will lights—red, then white, the red—in a want to know about.”

Phoenix Lighting

Milwaukee.-based manufactur- notify a vessel if output falls below er Phoenix Lighting has recently COLREGs regulations and an alarm launched the SturdiSignal Series, panel option for new builds.

LED navigation lights that are ABS Phoenix said its navigation lights approved and UL 1104 certi? ed. The are installed on the Raymond Butler modular design allows for ? eld re- and multiple push boats for leading pairability, without needing tools or operators.

an electrician which reduces costly Phoenix also manufactures and service calls. maintains inventory of American-made

The navigation lights are available deck and ? anking ? oodlights, built to with self-monitoring capabilities to withstand harsh marine environments.


SONARAY LED take on challenges that others won’t.

Lighting offers a wide According to Verona, Va.-head- variety of marine-grade quartered SONARAY, its LED ? ood- ? ood lights for com- lights are tough, dependable and meet mercial marine and ? sh- the challenges of marine craft in com- ing applications. With mercial ? shing and other extreme a wide variety of beam and challenging applications in open angles and color tem- water. Shown here is the SONARAY peratures available, the 1000-watt LED ? ood lighting in ac- company says its solu- tion on a new lobster boat running tions are engineered to out of Maine.

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