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Dominican Navy was for 11 40 PBs, extending up to 50 with options. Today the company has delivery orders for 57 vessels.

The 40 PB is aimed at replacing approximately 100 to 160 of the Navy’s 25-foot and 34-foot Coastal Riverine

Force patrol boats over the next 15 years. The vessel’s hull form and propulsion system are designed to achieve 40- knot sprint speeds.

The ? rst of the 120 new 40 PB craft has been deliv- ered to NECC and are being used to train NECC ? eet in- structors, leading to achieving initial operating capability (IOC) later this year. A total of 10 are to be delivered this year. They will operate at sea, in harbors, rivers, bays and across contested littorals to conduct maritime expedition- ary security operations. The 40 PBs will replace the current aging 34’ patrol boats, with expanded range and mission capabilities, as well as reduced total operating costs.

“The Navy made ‘visual deterrence’ a key factor in its se- lection process,” said Josh Stickles, Metal Shark’s executive vice president. “To achieve a more aggressive and threaten- ing ‘military’ look, the 40 PB features a chiseled, angular pro? le with a unique faceted hull. The vessel bristles with 24 | MN June 2021

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